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09 May 2016

A Meeting with the Minister of Justice

9 May - The Honorable Andrea Orlando wil be at Bocconi for a interactive discussion, open to all, about the emerging role of the new courts for companies. Find out more about the speakers. We look forward to seeing you, your friends and your colleagues there!

9 May 2016, at 17:15-20:00
Università Bocconi, Aula Magna via Gobbi 5
This event is organized by BAA Topic Legal.

"The new courts for companies, an occasion for foreign investors"

During a recent interview, Minister Orlando affirmed that courts for companies have identified a different way of doing justice, an experience that is currently a strength of our system.
This topic will be discussed on 9 May, with the participation of Italian Minister of Justice Honorable Orlando, with a discussion between legal experts and economists on a very contemporary and interesting issue.

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Jus Vivens

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Registration Deadline: 09/05/2016 17:00
17:15 - 19:45
Milano, via Gobbi 5
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