8 October: Opening Ceremony Academic Year

This year, the traditional Lectio Magistralis will be held by Fabiola Gianotti, Director-General CERN.

Bocconi Memories: it was a different era, but it was still ‪Bocconi

New episode! Bombings and broken windows. The intimidating Professor Ricci and the brutal French dictations. But, most importantly, no internet and no smartphones. On YouTube, stories from graduates who experienced their time at University just like this.

Yesterday's Bocconiani Supporting Tomorrow's Alumni

The Alumni Senior Scholarship Fund is a pact between generations in support of a new idea of the future.

From Seattle to Rome. Dinner Speech with Diego Piacentini

Alumnus of the Year in 2010, top manager of Amazon will be the speaker on 21 November. His new role? He will work pro bono for two years as “Government Commissioner for the Digital Agenda”, and will report directly to the Prime Minister. For BAA Members. Registration is open.

The Alumnus of the Year is Stefano Sassi, Valentino's CEO

The award goes to a "serial" Alumnus: he's a 1986 DES graduate and he also chose to attend an MBA at SDA Bocconi, graduating in 1990. For him, Bocconi has twice been the starting point of his career. Let's celebrate together on 21st October: registration for the gala dinner is open.


Our talents around the world

Marco Settembri (Business Administration, 1985)

He's now Head of Zone Europe, Middle East e North Africa of Nestlé

Massimiliano Masi (Business Administration, 1995)

Massimiliano Masi has been appointed new Chief Executive Officer of LGH Group.

Paola Floris (EMBA 8)

Appointed Vice President and General Manager, CHEP Canada, the international company dealing in logistic solutions

Chiara Appendino (Accounting, Financial Management and Control, 2008)

From 20 June 2016 she's the new Mayor of Turin

Giuseppe Sala (Business Administration, 1983)

From 20 June 2016 he's the new Mayor of Milan

Carlotta De Franceschi (Business Administration, 2000)

Carlotta De Franceschi, Presidente and Co-Founder of Action Institute and former advisor of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, is the new Vice President of Veneto Banca.

Leonardo Rubattu (Business Administration, 1992)

He's the new Managing Director of Iccrea Holding

Lorenzo Savorelli (DES, 1984)

He has been appointed Director General of the Central Bank of the Republic of San Marino

Alberto Minali (Political Economy, 1984)

Appointed General Manager at Gruppo Generali

Diego Piacentini (Political Economy, 1985)

The Senior VP International Amazon.com - also Bocconian of the Year 2010 - will be Head of the Italian Prime Minister's digital technology office starting from August 2016