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02 April 2019

Communication, health communication, health companies

Communication plays an increasingly important role in the coordination of prevention policies and health promotion. Stefano Alessandro Inglese, Communication Consultant of FIASO tells us more. Join us!

2 April, at 7.45 - 9.15  
Milano - piazza Sraffa 15 
This event, held in italian, is organized by Topic Marketing in collaboration with Topic Healthcare

Communication, health communication, health companies
Modern healthcare, particularly public health, is characterized by complexity: the skills required to the operators are complex, the organization is complex and also the synergies with other social dimensions are complex. Health systems are increasingly playing a significant role for prevention, and communication becomes an element of strategic importance for any prevention and health promotion policy, even more if we expand the horizon to its social dimension. 

For all these reasons FIASO is promoting communication policies as a tool able to help Health Organizations to build integrated and effective strategies to improve the health of the population, in networking with other social actors. Since 2010 FIASO set up a Laboratory on Communication and Health Promotion, with the aim of analyzing and enhancing the different forms of communication, education and health promotion within the Italian Health Companies.

Stefano Alessandro Inglese
Stefano Alessandro Inglese is a journalist and an expert in health communication. He has developed his career within the main Italian Health institutions and companies, leading the National Coordination of Chronic Patients' Associations and the Tribunal for the Rights of the Sick of Cittadinanzattiva, which is the main Italian health protection organization.

He was adviser to the Ministry of Health for the entire duration of the 2nd Prodi Government, adviser of Agenas (National Agency for Regional Health Services); then he was the communication responsible of one of the largest Italian health companies, the ULS of Bologna, and the marketing responsible of two IRCCS, the Institute of Neurological Sciences and the Rizzoli Orthopedic Institute of Bologna. 

Member of boards and committees of Italian and foreign institutions, he has participated in numerous working groups, including the steering committee for the European Charter of Patients' Rights.Trainer on Communication and Public Relations in Healthcare in 1st and 2nd level masters, he has developed over the years a rich activity with published articles and editorials dedicated to the main aspects of relations between citizens and health services. Currently he is a consultant in the field of Healthcare Communication and Public Relations.

Giovanni Soro, Topic Leader Healthcare
Camilla Budelli, Topic Marketing

8.00 Case study
Stefano Alessandro Inglese, Communication Consultant of FIASO

8.45 Q&A

9.00 Conclusion

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07:45 - 09:15
Milano, Piazza Sraffa 15
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