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06 October 2016

The role of the judge between Civil and Common Law

A round table with the participation of Prosecutors from Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and Germany.

Da mihi factum, dabo tibi ius. Active or passive role of the judge between civil and common law: evaluation and perspective

6 October 2016, at 17:30-20:15

Università Bocconi, Room 4 - via Sarfatti 25
The event will be held in English. 
Organized by BAA Topic Legal.


17.30 - Registration

18.00 - Welcome speeches
Elisabetta Pero, Deputy BAA Legal Topic Leader
Lorenzo Lentini, BAA Topic Legal team member – Admitted to be an Italian Magistrates

18.15 -
Cesare Cavallini, Ordinary Professor Civil Procedure School of Law Bocconi University

18.40 -
Round Table – Magistrates:
Giuseppe Buffone – Italy
Lígia Fernandes – Portugal
Marlene Bonastre – France
Alexandra Mattioli –France
Antoine D’Huart –  Belgium
Eva Maria Atares Garcia – Spain
Jérôme Martens - Belgium
Bernhard Schröer - Germany

Moderator: Raffaella Bannino, BAA Topic Legal Team member

20.00 -
Federica Chiavaroli – Member of the Italian Parliament, Undersecretary of Justice

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Registration Deadline: 05/10/2016 13:00
17:30 - 20:15
Milano, Room 4 - via Sarfatti 25
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