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06 March 2019

Advancing Trade supports education in memory of Marco and Alessandro

Funding the scholarship of a young student to remember two colleagues who passed away: this is the idea of Marco Picecchi, Alumnus CLEFIN and Managing Director of the company from Bergamo.

"It all started during a meeting between members: on the one hand, the desire to promote and support learning initiatives emerged, and on the other, to remember two dear colleagues. The scholarship allowed us to combine the two things."

Marco Picecchi, a 2007 CLEFIN Alumnus and CEO of Advancing Trade tells how the idea was born to support a young student at Bocconi and to name the scholarship for colleagues Marco Chignoli and Alessandro De Maldè, who died prematurely in 2016.

"The awarding of the scholarship seemed to us the best way to invest in the new generation and convey the commitment that has always characterized the work of Alessandro and Marco. It is a tangible sign of their professionalism" continues Marco Picecchi. "Alessandro studied in Turin, while Marco was not a graduate. However, we have chosen Bocconi for the type of education it offers its students and their values, very close to those of Advancing Trade."

The donation of € 15,000, carried out in 2017, has been earmarked for the MSc Partial Scholarship project, which allows selected students to enjoy an exemption from tuition equal to 60% of the annual fee for the entire study cycle.

The student awarded the scholarship is Lorenzo Cadorin, born in 1996, enrolled in the first year of MSc in Marketing Management: "I chose Bocconi for the quality of the training, for its network and for Milan, which in Italy is the city where things are happening."

"People surprise me here. My classmates are even brighter than I expected: everyone is good at something and there is no one who wants to do less or pull back. They are all aware of the opportunity they have here and want to make it come to fruition "explains Lorenzo. "Being chosen and supported by a company is an honor and a responsibility. I feel very lucky and I am excited to know that I will soon be able to meet the promoters of the initiative in person."

"I am very happy that this initiative helps a young student in Bocconi and I am even happier to help a student from another city, as happened to me years ago" concludes Marco Picecchi. "In Bocconi I was able to create a second family made up of classmates and friends. For a young student away from home, finding a family environment to team up in is essential for experiencing your university years to the full."