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10 June 2019

Give to support a study abroad experience

The Palermo Chapter has raised funds to support two Bocconi international mobility scholarships, allowing two students to have an amazing study abroad experience.

 How important is it to spend time in a new context during your time at university? Studying abroad can open your mind and enrich you as a student and a person. Not only that, but many Alumni start with a study abroad experience, then use their network to build a professional career in a country outside Italy.

The Palermo Chapter of Alumni is well aware of this. In March 2019, they raised funds for two International Mobility scholarships, the program aimed at supporting Bocconi students during an Exchange at one of the more than 250 partner universities.

Lots of Alumni have contributed, and the final target was reached thanks to a large gift from, a leading firm in Palermo and across Italy.

Anyone can contribute to building the future by supporting Bocconi University students.

To find out more, check out the website and learn about the Bocconi fundraising programs for students and more.