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10 May 2019

When the MBA Stays in Your Heart

163,000 euros collected and six named scholarships: that’s what the MBA Alumni did in six years, donating to their younger colleagues. And much more can be done...

Angeline, Juan, Mariano, Eric, Saverio and another name that will soon be added: they are the beneficiaries of the scholarships established thanks to the fundraising promoted during each edition of the MBA Reunion.

Scholarships made possible by former MBA students of various classes who, finding themselves with their own SDA Bocconi mates on the occasion of the Reunion, wanted to give a tangible sign of their attachment to the School and to the course of studies that molded them. Among them, Gabriele Dini, who graduated in 2009 and is a recurring donor for several Bocconi projects, including twice for the MBA Reunion Scholarship Fund.

“The MBA at Bocconi has allowed me not only to acquire the skills that helped me progress at work, but also, and above all, to increase my circle of friends and enlarge my professional network. Thanks to the MBA I changed my job, I moved abroad and I had the opportunity to make lasting friendships, exceeding all my expectations ", says Gabriele.

"Among other things, I have donated twice for this scholarship because, in an increasingly competitive world, I think it is fundamental to support those who aspire to get involved and improve themselves, leaving their comfort zone. In my own small way, as far as possible, I want to help SDA Bocconi attract deserving people who otherwise would have no way of having an incredible experience like mine, "he continues.

When he looks at the past, and the nostalgia for long months in the classroom assails him (and it often happens), Gabriele immediately points to the future. "I advise future fellows who will be lucky enough to study here, to always give their best during the program, and seize all the opportunities - present and future - that they will get through this fantastic School."