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06 March 2019

Your Signature Can Write a Future

Help outstanding students build their future. Give your 5x1000 Italian taxpayer contribution to Bocconi. Sign in the section "scientific research and universities" and enter the fiscal code 80024610158.

As a non-profit institution founded through a donation from Ferdinando Bocconi, the University has always offered concrete assistance to anyone who would like to access it. As part of the Within Our Reach Fundraising Campaign, Bocconi is renewing this commitment by offering anyone – Alumni, individuals, corporations and foundations – the opportunity to support the University in contributing to the development of society.

The goal is to increase annual investment to €30m by 2020, thus continuing to be a driving force of social mobility.

This an ambitious objective, which can be reached only through engaging the entire Bocconi community.

This is why Bocconi is once again allocating the entire amount of funds raised through 5x1000 contributions this year to the Partial Undergraduate Scholarship. This project is for outstanding students who would not be able to finance their academic career at the University without support.

Thanks to the generosity of many taxpayers in Italy, from 2006 to 2017* more than € 1 million have been raised. This is equivalent to supporting 42 students as part of the Partial Undergraduate Scholarship project, 12 students as part of the Bocconi Merit Awards for Master of Science programs and 5 young researchers. These are the stories that can be written thanks to the 5x1000!

Sign in the section "scientific research and universities" and enter the fiscal code 80024610158: a small gesture for you, a great opportunity for a young student.

This is a voluntary choice, but it will not cost anything and does not replace the 8x1000 contribution.

Give your 5x1000 to Bocconi. 
Your signature can support a future.

For more information:
phone: +39 02 5836 3550

5x1000 initiative is available only to individuals filing Italian income tax returns.
5x1000 is a percentage of Italian personal income tax that taxpayers can allocate to Universitites, scientific research and non profit organizations.

* The qualified Ministries have not yet communicated accounting for subsequent years.