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Team Healthcare

Giovanni Soro

Topic Leader
Provincia Lombardo Veneta Fatebenefratelli
Direttore Generale


Medical responsibility: regulation and practical experience

28/05/2019 · This event, organized by Topic Legal in collaboration with Topic Healthcare, will focus on medical responsibility, from a deep insight on regulation, to practical experience. Join us!

Milano, Piazza Sraffa 13

Energizer Breakfast with Stefano Alessandro Inglese, Communication Consultant of FIASO

02/04/2019 · Communication plays an increasingly important role in the coordination of prevention policies and health promotion. Stefano Alessandro Inglese, Communication Consultant of FIASO tells us more. Join us!

Milano, Piazza Sraffa 15

Webinar - Healthcare Digital Transformation

25/10/2018 · Please join our October 2018 event of the Global Webinar project, in which Lombardia Informatica is leading the Digital Transformation in the Public Healthcare System. Antonio Barone will explain to us the healthcare digital services put in place in Lombardy Region, focusing on the problems it has encountered and solved in a territory that includes 10 million inhabitants and with a gross domestic product greater than that of many countries in the world.


Prevention as a condition for sustainability: obesity, nutrition and sport

23/10/2018 · Bocconi Alumni Topic Healthcare is pleased to invite you to its event on “Prevention as a condition for sustainability”. Afterwards, the Targhe Vivisalute Award Ceremony with a networking cocktail. Join us!

Milano, Piazza Sraffa 13

The Internationalization of Healthcare

22/03/2018 · BAA Ticino, in collaboration with Topic Healthcare, invites all Bocconi Alumni in town and their friends to a conference about the internationalization of healthcare. A light dinner will follow.

Via Fatebenefratelli, 20 Erba

Healthcare Horizons: 2017 updates and programmes

19/01/2017 · Since 2013, our Topic Group has made great progress, in part thanks to support from CERGAS Bocconi research. We call this “Healthcare Horizons,” made up of shared objectives and useful, well-organized events. We look forward to seeing you on 19 January for a meeting of our BAA Healthcare Team. There will be an Alumni brainstorming activity, which will also be an opportunity to welcome new members to the Team.

Milano, piazza Sraffa 15

Energizer Breakfast with Pierangelo Fissore

08/11/2016 · Health solutions for patients: how can pharmacy find innovative ways to meet both the patients' needs and market demands? At the Energizer Breakfast Pierangelo Fissore, Marketing Director of Unifarma Distribuzione Spa, will address the issue by examining the case of Experta. For Alumni only.

Milano, piazza Sraffa 15

Focus Groups: Talking About Healthcare

10/09/2015 · 4 gruppi di Alumni coordinati da Cergas Bocconi si confronteranno su alcuni temi di fondo che caratterizzano lo scenario a tendere della Sanità.

Milano, via Sarfatti 25