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10 September 2015

Focus Groups: Talking About Healthcare

4 gruppi di Alumni coordinati da Cergas Bocconi si confronteranno su alcuni temi di fondo che caratterizzano lo scenario a tendere della Sanità.

WHERE: Università Bocconi, via Sarfatti 25 - Room 204, 205

Focus Groups "Talking About Healthcare: Proposals for the National Healthcare System (SSN) of tomorrow

A joint venture between the BAA Healthcare Topic Group, CERGAS Bocconi (Centre for Research on Health and Social Care Management) and SDA Bocconi.

The results obtained in the Focus Groups and processed by CERGAS will complete the analysis of the OASI Report 2015.

Attending Alumni, split into four teams made up of 10-15 people and managed by a CERGAS researcher, will work on the same topics:

- New skill-mix of SSN employees
- Government with technological innovations
- New boundaries for state healthcare companies and governance of merger processes
- Chargeable services area in healthcare companies
- Changes in the geography of services and management of chronicity and weaknesses

Teams and Timetable:

A. Policy-makers and regulatory bodies (10:00am – 2:30pm, registration starting at 9:30am)
B. Professionals in private healthcare companies (10:00am – 2:30pm, registration starting at 9:30am)
C. Professionals in state healthcare companies (1pm – 5:30pm)
D. Healthcare professionals at med-tech companies (1pm-5:30pm)

Thanks to all participants!

For further information and registration, please contact us by writing to: 


We look forward to meeting you!

09:30 - 17:30
Milano, via Sarfatti 25
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