Talks from the future – The power of (social) networks

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22 nov 2023

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18:30 - 19:30 CET

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22 nov 2023 - 09:00 CET

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Evento della serie Talks from the future. Una serie di lectures a cura dei docenti dell'Università Bocconi, aperte a tutta la Community degli Alumni Bocconi.


Let’s imagine that the genie of the lamp gives us a pair of magic glasses that allows us to see the informal web of relationships and connections among individuals that take place in any company, or organization. Hundreds of pipes linking people thanks to which they can get information, exchange knowledge, ideas, opinions. Moreover, these connections also are crucial to get emotional and psychological support and share emotions and affects.  
A long a rich research tradition has showed that the structure of the connections with others influence us, what we do, the decision we make, our behaviors, our orientations and attitudes even our health, happiness and identity. Moreover, these networks are also very powerful influencing some outcomes such as our performance, our career, and our individual creativity and that of the organization in which we work.
The role of networks in people’s and organizational life appears increasingly relevant due to the exponential growth of interconnectedness between systems, societies, and economies. More than ever, social and competitive processes occur in an increasingly "small" world where the degrees of separation between people and social actors are reduced and ideas spread with a speed and scale unthinkable only a few years ago. Whilst in popular culture the theory of six degrees of separation abounds, the most recent research shows that 4.7 connections are sufficient for anyone on Facebook to reach anyone else on the network, whilst the average degree of separation is as low as 3.57.
From the point of view of people and organizations, called to interpret the reality of networks in order to assume effective decisions, it appears evident that in today’s world it is necessary to equip themselves with instruments, advanced knowledge and to modify some fundamentals of management. The science of networks can provide them with analytical and conceptual tools that open up an extraordinary space for understanding complex systems, such as economies, markets and companies.

Giuseppe (Beppe) Soda è Full Professor of Organization Theory & Social Network Analysis, Università Bocconi 

Evento aperto a tutti gli Alumni.

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