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23 January 2019

The new frontiers of Energy Law in the light of the changes made to the public procurement code

The conference will focus on the Energy sector to analyse the regulatory changes and the main contractual tools. Join us!

23 january 2019, at 17.30-20.00
Università Bocconi, Room 11 - via Sarfatti 25
This event, held in Italian, is organized by Topic Legal.

The new frontiers of Energy Law in the light of the changes made to the public procurement code
The Energy sector has recently been through intense regulatory changes, which have strongly affected the balance of a market that has always been destined to play a central role in the national economy. Lately, with the contribution of the European community, the forms of public-private collaboration aimed at guaranteeing the achievement of the supranational obligations of energy saving, are becoming more frequent. Starting from a general overview of the Energy sector, the conference aims to deepen the main rules of collaboration between public and private, in light of the latest changes made to the procurement code. The conference will also analyze, from a legal point of view the main contractual tools in the field of energy efficiency 


17.00  Registration

17.30 Panel
Fabrizio Fracchia - Professor at Università Bocconi
Giuseppe Velluto - Lawyer at Gianni, Origoni, Grippo, Cappelli & Partners
Guido Reggiani - Lawyer at Solom – Società Lombarda Avvocati Amministrativisti 
Fabio Baglivo - Lawyer at Lipani Catricalà & Partners; co-founder “Progetto Forense – Scuola di formazione giuridica”

Giuseppe La Rosa - Lawyer, Professor at Università Bocconi, Alumnus

20.00 Conclusion

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Registration Deadline: 22/01/2019 16:00
17:30 - 20:00
Milano, via Sarfatti 25
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